Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project OSHAS video teasers!

Project OSHAS (Pronounced Ochase): Open Source Home Automation System

Our first major project that let the user be really in control of his house and to simply and easily configure rules (automation) that the house can follow instantly, It's Web-based and Wireless so anywhere you are, your in control

Here are some teaser videos:

Our very first attempt to control arduino with OSHAS website

Here we got a little geekier and decided to use a watch the we bought made by Texas Instruments, which is actually a micro-controller in the shape of a watch, and control what we can with it
Chronos Watch

Controlling everything in the home like lights and air conditioner

Security alarm

OSHAS can be accessed through any smartphone , any screen size and everywhere in the world

Stay tuned for the full open source hardware and software


  1. Is the hardware and software used for this awesome project uploaded somewhere?

  2. These videos are pretty cool. I will read more about your project later.