Sunday, May 15, 2011

A beginner’s guide to connecting and operating the WiFly to Arduino Serially

We were working on a home automation project , we used the wifly gsx in our project .
When we bought it, we thought it will be easy to communicate it like a serial modem between the arduino and PC ,,, of course we are not noobs :) but every inch in the datasheet made us feel like one :)
And when we searched for a solution for even one of our countless problems we faced.... the result can be summarized in three words ... WIFLY NOT WORKING or we are noobs :D

Of course i am kidding :) ,,we are not noobs and wifly is WORKING :o , thanks to sparkfun wifly library and

We decided to start our new virtual hackerspace with this easy step by step tutorial for wifly :

Please post any problem you faced with wifly or arduino .

  1. First of all download the WiFly Serial Library from credit goes Twaldock for making this library and examples, for more information go to ,also download NewSoftSerial, Streaming, Time and PString libraries from
  1. Add the WiFly and the other libraries to your Arduino library folder and restart your Arduino IDE, you now should see the library and examples.

  1. To test the WiFly and library open one of the examples that came with the library, for this tutorial I will use the WebTime example, this one send html of the current time to your browser.

  1. Now connect the WiFly board to the Arduino, connect the Tx of the WiFly to the Rx of the Arduino and the Rx of the WiFly to the Tx of the Arduino (don’t use Pins 0 and 1 or any reserved Pins) for the sake of this example connect the Tx to the Pin 2 and Rx to Pin 3 on the Arduino. Connect the VDD-BATT on the WiFly to the 3.3V on the Arduino and the GND to GND.

  1. Back to the WebTime sketch, modify the first couple of lines of code to your SSID and Passphrase if there’s any, and modify the TX and Rx pins according to your setup.

  1. now add this function to example, this function adjust the configuration of the WiFly in order to make it connect to your Access Point or Ad-Hoc connection

boolean initSettings()
WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan auth <value>","AOK");
//WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan key <value>","AOK");
WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan channel <value>","AOK");
WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan join <value>","AOK");
WiFly.SendCommand("set dhcp <value>","AOK");

  1. instead of <value> a real value should be entered
    1. for the first line of code WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan auth <value>","AOK") this is for the authentication type replace <value> with
      1. 0, Open
      2. 1, WEP-128
      3. 2, WPA1
      4. 3, Mixed WPA1&WPA2-PSK
      5. 4, WPA2-PSK
      6. 5, Not Used
      7. 6, Adhoc, Join any Adhoc network

    1. You don’t need to do this step unless you chose WEP-128 in the authentication type then you must enter this line WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan key <value>","AOK") where the value is the HEX key.

    1. WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan channel <value>","AOK"), 1-13 is the valid range for a fixed channel. If 0 is set, then scan is performed, using the ssid.

    1. The WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan join <value>","AOK") sets the policy for automatically joining/associating with network access points. This policy is used when the module powers up, including wake up from the sleep timer.
      1. 0,, Manual, do not try to join automatically.
      2. 1, Try to join the access point that matches the stored SSID, passkey and channel. Channel can be set to 0 for scanning.
      3. 2, Join ANY access point with security matching the stored authentication mode. This ignores the stored SSID and searches for the access point with the strongest signal.
      4. 3, Reserved – Not used.
      5. 4, Create an Adhoc network, using stored SSID, IP address and netmask. Channel MUST be set. DHCP should be 0 (static IP) or set to Auto-IP with this policy. (unless another Adhoc device can act as DHCP server) add the ip and netmask
        1. WiFly.SendCommand("set ip address","AOK");
        2. WiFly.SendCommand("set netmask","AOK");
        3. Also set channel to 1, WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan chan 1","AOK");

    1. Last line in the configuration process WiFly.SendCommand("set dhcp <value>","AOK"); which set the DHCP
      1. 0, DHCP OFF, use stored static IP address
      2. 1, DHCP ON, get IP address and gateway from AP
      3. 2, Auto-IP, generally used with Adhoc networks
      4. 3, DHCP cache mode, Uses previous IP address if lease is not expired (lease survives reboot)

    1. You need to save and reboot each time you configure the WiFly Wlan options thus the WiFly.SendCommand("save","AOK") and WiFly.SendCommand("reboot","AOK");

  1. Now add initSettings() as the first line of a function called Reconnect();

  1. That’s it, upload the WebTime Sketch to your Arduino and see if it works, if you connected the green, yellow, red LEDs to the PIO4, PIO5, PIO6 respectively of the WiFly you should see its status
    1. Red LED
      1. Fast blinking, not connected to wireless network
      2. OFF, Connected
    2. Yellow LED
      1. With each blink it means its either sending or receiving data from Tx or Rx
    3. Green LED
      1. ON Solid, connected over TCP
      2. Fast Blink, no IP address
      3. Slow Blink, IP address OK

  1. After uploading the Sketch open the serial monitor to see the Arduino activity, it should display “Starting WebTime - Please wait.” and then “Free memory= <value>” and then stops for about 10 sec or more and the continue, if it doesn’t continue the means you have something wrong in your connection between the Arduino and WiFly and it’s not receiving data

  1. After it continues you should see quite a lot of lines coming up on your serial monitor if it connected successfully you should see your IP address that has been assigned to the WiFly and the Green LED is slowly Blinking while the RED LED is OFF, if you find your IP address to be then the WiFly failed to connect to your wireless network and that you may have configured it wrong.

  1. When you see ready for HTTP in the serial monitor, go to your browser and enter the IP address found in the serial monitor and add port 2000 to it (

  1. You should see some activity in the serial monitor and the browser should show you some data about current time

  1. If all works right for you, you can remove the initSettings() function as this is only need to be run once to configure the WiFly and you won’t be needing it anymore

  1. For more information about the commands that can be sent to the WiFly check the WiFly Command Reference Manual

  1. Good Luck and Have Fun


  1. I have use the WiFly GSX Breakout 131C which shown in your figures ,I use it with PIC18F4550 and making the following connection for WiFly:
    pin 18 connected to Gnd
    pin 19 connected to Gnd
    pin 20 connected to 3.3v
    pin 21 connected to 3.3v
    pin 24 connected to 3.3v (for Adhoc mode)
    when using DC power supply
    as mentioned in the manual
    but i have the following Problem
    after using TeraTerm i want to save my IP adderss and make reboot but when i power it again i get the default IP adderss
    can you help me
    please if you can replay

  2. after accessing the command mode $$$
    and changing the ip using
    "set ip address "
    make sure the the dhcp is set to 0
    "set dhcp 0"
    and make sure you save all changes
    then reboot so that the wifly boots with the new configurations

  3. Thank you for replay, I have done what you say but I still have the same problem . I think this problem is due to that I still connect pin 24 to 3.3 V this pin mean that i connect to adhoc mode and always have the same IP
    But if I couldn't connect this PIN I can't enter TeraTerm Program.If you can help me please replay

  4. i just reread the manual and you are right if you enter adhoc through hardware configuration it will load it's own settings.
    what you can do now is either connect it to an arduino and follow the above tutorial
    or you can do your own serial circuit and connect the wifly directly through serial to your computer
    if you don't know how to do so, i'll try to make a tutorial on how to do that as soon as possible :)
    sorry i couldn't be of more help

  5. i've got an idea for your problem, i don't know if it'll work but give it a go
    create an adhoc network with open authentication on your computer
    the reconfigure the wifly to connect to this network
    you can use theses commands to make it connect regardless of the ssid
    "set wlan auth 0"
    "set wlan channel 0"
    "set wlan join 2"
    then remove the hardware configuration that makes it adhoc

    you can use this
    "set dhcp 0"
    and assign it an ip, i believe that it should be something like this 169.254.xx.xx but im not sure
    or you can do this
    "set dhcp 2"
    and let it take an auto ip

  6. I have done what you say but when i remove the hardware configuration that makes it adhoc then i put the following commands:
    set ip add
    set ip dhcp 0
    but the network will disappear and i can not reenter Teraterm unless i put pin 24 high again
    by this i can't save my ip address
    please if you do it and it success with you write all the steps you done for me

    i need it very much for my graduation project it depend on save the ip address for the first step

    if you have a time replay

    thank you very much for your Attempts and for your replies

  7. i tried it and it's working for me, i don't know why it's not working for you
    does it connect to the adhoc network you made on your computer ??
    what i did is
    1- make an open adhoc connection on computer
    2- connect to wifly through hardware configuration
    3- configure it through terminal make sure your in command mode
    "set wlan auth 0"
    "set wlan channel 0"
    "set wlan join 2"
    then reboot (turn on and off the power)
    3- after it's connected successfully to my adhoc
    i used a ip scanner program to get me the wifly ip (i used a program called angry ip scanner)
    4- i connect to wifly through teraterm using the discovered ip
    5- i reconfigured it for static ip
    "set ip add"
    (i gave it the same ip that was assigned to it by the computer just to make sure that it would work)
    "set ip dhcp 0"
    and reboot
    6- test that it connects and that's what i did

    i don't know what else to add to help you more
    my idea was instead of making the wifly broadcast it's network and be the host to let it connect to a host so you would have more power over the settings of the network
    Good Luck :)

  8. Thank you but i want to know when you connect PIO 9(pin 9) to 3.3v and when you remove it

  9. i start the steps described above with PIO9 connected and after i configure it with
    "set wlan auth 0"
    "set wlan channel 0"
    "set wlan join 2"
    "set dhcp 2"
    i disconnect PIO9 after that and reboot
    sorry for not making it clear

  10. Iam very sorry, I disturbed you but I will tell you what I've done and please if there is a problem tell me.
    note: I am now working with Wifly GSX wireless without using PIC or Arduino

    1) connect PIO9 with 3.3v
    2)connect my computer to this wifly wireless
    3) open TeraTerm with IP port 2000
    4) enter command mode (type $$$)
    5)in the command mode I type the following commands:
    set wlan auth 0
    set wlan join 2
    set wlan chan 0
    set ip dhcp 2
    6) remove PIO 9
    7) reboot
    8) here I face the problem
    the network disappear and I can not found it
    I used IP Angry Scanner but also there is no ip despite my labtop IP

    the problem is that the network disappear after i make reboot

  11. If I make reboot when PIO 9 is removed the network will disappear.
    If I make reboot when PIO9 is connected I always have IP

  12. ok the only step that's missing is to create an adhoc network on your pc

    here's a turorial for windows users

    after doing that and having the the PIO9 disconnected, it should connect to the network you made on your pc

  13. what is the IP range that I should put it in Angry IP scanner.(how can i know the correct IP)

    it is the first time for my to deal with such this program.

    How can i know that the wifly is connected successfully to my network

  14. to know if a device is connected to your network on a windows pc, when you start an adhoc network it should display "waiting for users"
    when a device connect, it should display "connected", i don't know any other status indicator for adhoc network other than this

    the wifly on the other hand can be connected to 3 LEDs that display real time status of it's condition, whether it's connected or not or whether it's sending or receiving data
    step 9 has more details on that subject

    now for the ip scanner program, i recommend that you make this as plan B because it will take a very long time to scan all IPs

    try first to connect through the hardware configuration like you always do
    and insert the static ip you want, using
    "set ip add"
    "set ip dhcp 0"
    then remove the the hardware configuration and reboot
    after that it should automatically connect to the adhoc network setup on your pc
    wait like about 3 min or more just to make sure that it has connected
    and try to connect to the teraterm using the static ip you've provided

    if it fails (i hope not) then you have to reconfigure the wifly with
    "set dhcp 2"
    and go to plan B which is to scan every ip in the range of to because the wifly could have taken any ip from that range and it will take a very long time

    im no expert in networking so if there's a better way for you to find the wifly ip try to do it, beacuse the ip scan idea should be done in the worst case scenario

    my recommendation is to connect the LEDs as it will extremely help you in identifying the state of the wifly because you're working blind here and there's no feedback from the wifly

  15. Tank you very much I have done what you said and finally it work well and save the IP.
    I need now just to insert LEDs to indicate the connections and transferring
    of data, since I use two WiFly GSX the first wifly is connected to PIC18f4550 and sent data to the second wifly.
    if you have any information please write to my

    1. Hi, what settings do you use in tera term to connect both the wifly's

  16. I have use WiFly GSX Breakout which shown in the following link
    there is LED red and green but the missing one is the yellow one which is GPIO5 how can I connect it and did I need resistor (how much)
    and did I need to inseret command for this LED in the micro controller

  17. connecting a LED is pretty strait-forward
    a normal LED has 2 legs, one is slightly shorter than the other (this is the GND leg)
    connect the long leg to PIO5
    and the short one is connected to 220R Resistor
    and then finally to GND
    there are no commands to insert
    by the way, i have never used the wifly that your using, so i have not tested this

  18. Hello everybody!

    First of all, thanks for this guide. I've followed it step by step to connect the WiFly GSX Breakout (Link: shown in the figure to my Arduino Mega 2560 but, unfortunately, it doesn't work..
    I've already checked the connection:
    1. VDD-BATT of WiFly to 3.3V of Arduino
    2. GND of WiFly to GND of Arduino
    3. TX of WiFly to RX of Arduino (Pin 2)
    4. RX of WiFly to TX of Arduino (Pin 3)
    Besides, I've set the two pins of Arduino RX and TX as asked at the 5 step of the guide.
    But, as written at the 10 step, the serial monitor of arduino show me only:

    Starting WebTime - Please wait.
    RAM :6531

    And nothing else..
    Well, my final target is to send by the WiFly the data acquired by the IMU Analog Combo Board Razor - 6DOF Ultra-Thin IMU (Link: to my notebook. This is for having a backup copy, because I've also to save the data from IMU to the SD Module (Link:
    May you help me to set up the WiFly and maybe for my target..?
    Thanks, bye.


  19. well that's weird, it should work, your connection seems fine from your description
    by the way it takes about a 1 min or more after it displays the 2 lines to continue, so try it again and see if anything will happen after a while

    also you can try to reset the wifly to factory defaults, i believe that helped me once
    check the manual for details on how to do so

  20. I have use the WiFly GSX and connect it to PIC18F4550. I use this WiFly to receive and transmit data but it dose not work . Is there any configuration for the WiFly to make it receive and transmit what it receive. ??

    Fidaa Yousef

  21. Hello.

    @ K!mO's
    Thanks for your reply. I'll try to wait sometime more as you suggest, to see if something happens.
    Besides, I'll read the manual and reset the WiFly.

    Well, my final target is to send by the WiFly the data collected, which for now are only displayed in the serial monitor.
    Anyone may tell me how to do this..?
    I've found this code, link:
    Anyone tried it..?!


  22. @Fidaa, im sorry but i've never used a pic with wifly before and i don't want to suggest somthing that i don't know and may harm your hardware
    try posting your problem on sparkfun forums
    they could be of more help to you

    @Alberto if you've followed the steps above then you should find another example that came with the library called WiflyTest, this's kinda like a simple chatting program between arduino and any socket connected to it, where anything you write from the socket will be shown on the arduino serial moniter and vice-versa
    so after the serial monitor passes those 2 lines the wifly ip that it has taken will be shown
    download and install teraterm (if you haven't already) and insert the wifly ip and port (2000 by default) and all goes well, you should be able to write in the terminal and all will be shown in the serial moniter, also if you write in the serial moniter, it will display everything in the terminal
    the code is the arduino code is pretty simple, so just go in there and try and find where and how it sends data to terminal and modify it so instead of sending the character you wrote on the terminal it sends the data from the sensor.

    considering you first problem passinf those first 2 lines,
    try to debug the code, comment the lines containing "Wifly." one by one and see if it still stops or not, start with "wifly.isConnected",because i remember having problems with this line, but don't comment wifly.begin, as this's the most important line of code that initialize the wilfy for serial communication, and if it stops there then you may have problems in your wiring or your power source may not be producing enough power

  23. hello ...
    I thank you for this remarkable work.
    I'm working on a project and I use an Arduino board mega, WiFly a shield, I connected the wifly in SPI with pins 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the mega arduino, I installed the Tera Term on my pc, but the problem is that I can not detect it, it just gives me wiflyshield on the terminal using port COM7.
    I would like to know how to load the sketch (autoconnect WiFly, web server and webclient) in both mega arduino.
    how I could contact the WiFly Directory using the TCP / IP using DHCP mode because I can not find the IP address of the WiFly ...
    thank you in advance.

  24. just as a heads up we're using the wifly breakout in this tutorial and not the wifly shield
    there's another library for the shield because the breakout doesn't use SPI protocol

    about your first question,
    i not sure if i understand you correctly do you mean how to compile it and upload it the arduino? or do you mean somthing else

    about your second question, the simplest way to configure the wifly if you cannot connect to it is to force it into adhoc mode, im not sure of the structure of the pins in the shield is the same as the breakout but if they are then connect PI9 to force it to adhoc through hardware configuration
    then access command mode and set it up as you like, step 7 in the tutorial has more details on what commands to enter to connect for each type of network whether it's another adhoc or an access point and how to make it connect automatically
    after that save and remove the hardware configuration reboot and it should load up the configuration you made

  25. thank you for the reply,
    wiflyshield with it is the same for the pins and how to connect it to the arduino.
    I just download the sketch of the terminal transparent and I change some parameters. but I just want to know how to load two skit at a time on the arduino ...

  26. This is fantastic work! Can anyone tell me how to push strings or characters of data sent over wifi out of the uart? I can get my wifly into command mode no worries. I just dont understand what i need to do to from there. I want to control a mobile robot over wifi from my computer. I'm using the WiFly RN 171 and the breakout board from Roving Networks

  27. By the way, I'm not using Arduino. I have a USB to serial converter and I have the UART plugged into that. I just need to know how to receive data sent over wifly and see the characters being pushed out the WiFly uart to my serial port. Can't seem to work this out anywhere from the Roving Networks datasheets.

  28. Jay:

    How much current at 3.3v can your USB to serial converter source? I realize that USB can source as much as half an amp, but you may have weak 3.3v. You need as much as 190 mA at 3.3V to run the WiFly at full transmit.

    As to how to transmit data to your robot, first use the OPEN command from one to the fixed IP of the other to open a TCP/IP connection (Basically a stream, but you are insulated from the actual stack.) Once connected, you can dump data into the serial connection as long as there is somewhere for it to go on the other side. As such, you'll need buffering on both sides with CTS/RTS handshaking enabled. (Look in the GSX docs, you can enable that.)

    I do something similar, but I connect both WiFly's to a Linux server through the network connection. The Linux server acts as a go between when needed.

  29. TeslaFan,

    Thank you for your response. I've got the serial working now. Turns out I can't get it to work only over an ad hoc network. I can get serial comms working over my home router. Not sure how to communicate via the IP address with Matlab now. Any ideas anyone?



  30. Jay:

    Can you actually connect to Matlab's data port? This is where it could get complicated. You need to understand the Matlab protocol (Which I assume is proprietary in some way... I'm not familiar with it.)

    Yeah, Mathworks says you need a license. I assume then, that they publish the protocol to their licensees. (Hopefully that is you.)

    Once you know the format to send data in, and open a connection, sending data is just writing the formatted data to the UART connected to the WiFly when space is available.

  31. Jay:

    Wait... Are you connecting to the GSX through the GSX's UART or are you connecting to it with telnet through the local area network?

    The difference is huge.

  32. TeslaFan:

    I'm connecting through both. I have the WiFly uart connected to a sparkfun usb to serial adapter. I also connect to the Wifly via telnet. from my computer I can send data from telnet and receive it using X-CTU software that reads the serial data. from X-CTU i can send serial data and see it from telnet. I get comm both ways.

    I'm wanting to send data over telnet or something similar with matlab. my robot will then receive the data using serial. the idea is to control my robot from matlab over wifi. i don't know how to do this yet. perhaps i would be better off using python or something.



  33. Anyone have any luck hooking the WiFly GSX breakout up to an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V? Having nothing but trouble trying to get these two boards to talk to eachother.

    The hookup fails completely when I use the NewSoftSerial lib. The GSX never enters command mode. Or at least the Mini never hears the GSX enter command mode.

    With the plain old SoftSerial lib I'm able to send commands and receive responses, but the responses come back garbled. Lots of garbage characters with the occasional 5 characters of correct data.

    Seems like the clock on this little Pro Mini just can't stay synced with the WiFly UART. Obviously the hardware UART on the Mini is unavailable as it breaks the Serial Monitor connection, which means no debugging.

    Had an easy time doing this with an Uno and a WiFly shield. WTF Pro Mini?!?!

    Looking around for a big rock to smash this dinky little board with...

  34. @Jared - have you checked the baud settings?

    One thing that people always forget is that if you are using the 3.3v version of the arduino mini, the baud rate actually runs at half of what it should.

    So at 3.3v it runs @8MHz where as the 5V version of the mini runs at @16MHz - meaning that if you are trying to talk over serial to the WiFly which runs at a default rate of 9600 baud, you need to double the baud rate of the 3.3v mini to 19200.

  35. just to make sure: this isn't working for the wifly shield, right? (

    You said "there's another library for the shield". Did you mean this one: ?

    You know any which supports UDP or anything other than the webserver-sketch?

    thanks in advance!

    Hugo (has no idea what he's talking about …)

  36. Jared:

    I use the 3.3v Arduino Pro all the time with the GSX, it's essentially the same as the mini for this, same 8 MHz oscillator speed, etc. The oscillator on all the Pro 3.3v boards is a ceramic one, and while it should work at 9600 baud if you have software corrected for the clock speed, it won't go above 56K in virtually any case. On the Pros, don't rely on the oscillator for communications. Use the SPI.

    Use an SPI UART breakout board between the mini and the GSX (The same chip as on the Shield) SparkFun's part number is BOB-09981

    The Pro mini can connect to the SPI on the UART at 2 Mbs, and the UART side can connect to the GSX at 480Kb.

    One caveat about the BOB-09981 board, the IRQ line is not hooked up to the output pin due to a schematic error on the board. (The pin is labeled IRQ and the line to the chip is labeled /IRQ. They're not on the same net, and as such aren't connected.) I don't know if this has been fixed yet.

  37. Anyone know what the value of the RTC is? I'm trying to convert the RTC value to a UNIX date/time stamp to be used with time.h library. The RTC value isn't a valid UNIX date/time stamp and I'm stumped as to how to convert it...

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  39. Hi,
    We are using RN-131G eval kit and we want to develop a standalone mobile device which can scan all available access points and send scanned results to a remote host over Wi-Fi. We can't connect this RN-131 Eval kit to a PC when it performs the scan function. How can we achieve these.

    *Can we programme this device to perform the scan function periodically without typing the scan command over RS232.

  40. Need help, quite a noob ;)
    I'm trying to use RN-XV (based upon RN-171).
    Using WiFly UART, GND and 3.3V to an external power supply and TX and RX to pin 2 and 3 of a breadboard Arduino (Atmega328).
    Tried 2 different sketch WebTime and WiFly_test but i receive only garbage from WiFly, like the following:
    Starting WebTime - Please wait.
    RAM :851
    Started WiFly, RAM :851
    MAC: ÿ¿&÷ÿÿÿ¦Œ&öÿÑÿÿÿÿæÌ'öÿÿ: ?íÿÿ˜0gÙÿÿÿŸ27þ”jÔºÿ
    Starting WebTime - Please wait.
    RAM :851
    Started WiFly, RAM :851
    MAC: ÿÍÿÿkÿÿû‡öÿÿÿ…<2îÿÿ¦ öÿ
    Starting WebTime - Please wait.
    RAM :851
    Started WiFly, RAM :851
    MAC: ©þÿÿ¶fÙÿÿûÿÿ÷sÌ÷gÿÿþÿÿÞøÿÿ#k¦øÿÿ7>

    Before I tried a direct connection with TeraTerm and FTDI cable as RX and TX, but i don't receive any answer after the escape sequence.

    Any idea or suggestion? Thank in advance.

  41. Tombo, i am also trying to use the RN-XV and i too am also having issues. I dont even get past the "Started Wifly, Ram: 851" part. Did you get any further for any chance? Im using an Arduino UNO. Thanks in advance.

  42. try removing the
    "while (! WiFly.isConnected() ) { Reconnect();}"
    from the loop function in the "webtime" example
    that helped once
    also try to debug the code, commenting certain commands to see if it will continue or does it get stuck at a certain place

  43. K!mO's it did not seem to work. Did you get this sketch to work on the RN-XV from Sparkfun?

  44. Never mind. Stupid me. I did not pay any attention that it was using NewSoftSerial. Pins 2(RX) and 3(TX). It's getting farther now.

  45. After what line in the program should the boolean initSettings()
    WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan auth ","AOK");
    //WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan key ","AOK");
    WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan channel ","AOK");
    WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan join ","AOK");
    WiFly.SendCommand("set dhcp ","AOK");

    be pasted in?

  46. add it anywhere before the setup function
    and call it in the reconnect function

  47. I've been driving myself nuts with this. It connects enough to provide the IP address etc. but doesn't remain connected, the green light remains flashing. I can see on my router management that it is 'connected'. It just keeps looping:

    Starting WebTime - Please wait.
    RAM :897
    Started WiFly, RAM :897
    MAC: 00:06:66:13:92:f5
    Leave current wifi network:
    Credentials Set, Joining ############
    Configure WebTime Settings...
    DateTime:1970-1-1 23:36:7
    Initial WiFi Settings :
    RSSI: (-60) dBm
    battery: 3001
    After Setup RAM:889
    Loop RAM:894
    Starting WebTime - Please wait.

    Some how it does not seem to have established a full connection, I have tried various settings in the initSettings() without anything working.

  48. I forgot to add that the red light goes out indicating it is connected but the green light has a fast flash indicting no IP address. So should I be looking at my router?

  49. Hi all!

    I have a question: I ordered a WiFly GSX 802.11b/g Serial Module. Not exactly this one used here but nearly identical i think.

    And im asking myself whether or not i have to use a level shifter connecting the arduino uno and the wifly or not. It looks to me as theres no level shifter used in this setup but the tx and rx connection at the wifly board is only "3.3v tolerant" - not 5v.

    Ive been looking for days now but dont find the answer. Would be nice if anyone can explain it to me.

    Tx guys

  50. I have the same problem as Greg have. Can someone help?

    Thank u :)

  51. Could somebody please check Greg's question.
    I have the same problem. It shows up on my connected devices when I access my router, it also gets an assigned IP address, so it is connecting it just can't seem to keep the connection going.

    I have set a print line in the void setup field, the field it should only access on start up. So my guess is that there is something going on that is resetting the hardware? I could be way off but that is my best guess.

    *Projecting the image of Simba in your minds*
    "Help! Somebody anybody. Help.."

  52. WebTime.cpp: In function 'boolean initSettings()':
    WebTime:50: error: 'Wifly' was not declared in this scope

    any help? i have followed the steps but i am getting an error???

    1. Me too... have u found solution ???

    2. You need to define what "WiFly" is somewhere in the code or change it to "Wifi" which is defined in the code as "WiFlySerial wifi(ARDUINO_RX_PIN ,ARDUINO_TX_PIN);." You can define "WiFly" in the same manner, something like"WiFlySerial WiFly(ARDUINO_RX_PIN ,ARDUINO_TX_PIN);" or "WiFlySerial WiFly(2 ,3);"

  53. Hello -

    Have a question I'm hoping someone might be able to give me an assist with. I'm trying to get the various examples (WiFly_Test, WebTime, etc.) to compile without error using Arduino 1.0-rc2. (No problems getting things going when using ver 22). Have been looking thru the various affected libraries, and made a few mods. but still haven't been able to pull it off yet. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    - Larry

  54. In addition to last post, I'm having same problem maarten posted previously .. i.e. it appears something going on to reset hardware, keeps re-entering set-up().

    - Larry

  55. Does anyone have code they could share that works with the RN-XV WiFly module? If so can you please pastebin it and share the link?

  56. I'm having the same problems Maarten and Larry had, it just keeps dropping the connection. Did anyone figured a solution? Please share!

  57. I'm struggling with the XV too. It connects to my WiFi & picks up an IP address but that's all.

  58. for the hardware reset problem that occurs removing the
    "while (! WiFly.isConnected() ) { Reconnect();}"
    from the loop function in the "webtime" example
    helped me once
    also try to debug the code, commenting certain commands to see if it will continue or does it get stuck at a certain place

  59. I saw this posted earlier in the blog, and would concur that it seems likely that the (reset type) problem is possibly occurring somewhere within the WiFly.isConnected() function. Commenting it out eliminates the problem .. and it also introduced the reset problem when I included it within another small Client sketch I was trying to get going .. so this issue seems to be centered around isConnected() in some way.

    That said, I've been poring over WiFlySerial.cpp code, but haven't been able to isolate exactly what's going wrong yet .. memory problem? pointer problem? etc. Will keep looking.

    Even though the reset issue has been eliminated by commenting out WiFly.isConnected() I still haven't been able to get the WebTime sketch running yet, but this seems to likely be another (unrelated?) issue.

    - Larry

    1. Hi Larry,
      The purpose of the isConnected() function is to deal with the WiFly dropping its wifi connection at random intervals... Nominally, by checking the connection health we a reconnection can be done and things proceed.
      However - the isConnected function is itself rather disruptive, in that it forces a switch to command mode, gets a long-winded answer (get ip) to find IF=UP and then returns to listening.
      I've added methods to look at the status flags which should be less bumpy on the WiFly... tests in progress.


  60. umm, well there was sometimes problems with power input
    for example, it sometimes didn't work unless i plugged it in from an outlet and not the usb of the computer
    so if u have an adapter or battery to connect it from any source other than the usb port

  61. I thought of that briefly, but didn't try it before, so just gave it a shot .. doesn't seem to make any difference. It's getting late here (in southern CA), so will look into it a bit more tomorrow.

    I still observe that any time I include the isConnected() function within loop() -- not setup() interestingly -- of an Arduino sketch, the program will continually re-enter setup().


  62. I have my XV working now but I'm not sure how helpful I can be :( I'd gone through everything on here & the furthest I got was the 'ready for http'
    I connected the XV directly to my PC and spent an hour or two going through the manual. I updated the firmware (2.30) and used the RN default NTP server. That all worked fine, I could telnet to it and http too.
    So I plugged it back into my Arduino (actually a Seeeduino) & bingo - it works!
    I'm not entirely sure what to conclude from this but it definitely works, having said that, it no longer seems to be syncing with the NTP server :(
    I seriously recommend the PC connection, I learned a lot by doing this. I use a USB-serial device which has an XBee socket.

  63. Yea, Ian .. I've played with my RN-131C with a terminal to get familiar with commands and configuration settings .. and I've updated to ver 2.30 .. all to no avail.

    I'm fairly convinced there's a code bug (or two) lying deep somewhere within a library function I just haven't found yet. I'm guessing some sort of memory or pointer issue may be at work when some of the functions are invoked in combination. I believe this is possibly leading to the mysterious reset (i.e. return to setup) behavior a couple of us have reported. (This does not look to be a hardware issue to me).

    - Larry

  64. You have to use a 3.3V level shifter, you can build one yourself but sparkfun has one pretty cheap as well. I know because I burned by WiFly GSX and I have to get a new one. :)

    The reason why that happens is the way RX TX works, it is basically pulses of 5V and 0V. Everything on the Arduino UNO uses 5V, so that can cause a problem.

    There is an Arduino Pro that uses 3.3V that you can check out, but a voltage divider should just solve all your worries with basically two resistors and some wires.

    1. Mert, I agree with you completely, but it begs the question, how did it work for Cairo and others? Should have fried his WiFly module, right?

  65. Larry, I think you're right. My XV works MOST of the time but I get spurious resets too when I'm running this code.


    1. Sorry folks, I should have dropped by earlier.
      For those of you suffering from non-specific weirdness or unexplained resets, consider updating the WiFly firmware per Step 6.
      Many things improve at that point.

    2. If I'm understanding correctly, step 6 of the indicated link simply updates module firmware to the latest rev. I've run the device with multiple versions of firmware (2.21, 2.23, and 2.30), all with similar intermittent or unexplained results .. i.e I can keep things running in client or server mode continuously for a while, perhaps even a day or so, then things will hiccup or lock up. Though I've made little progress to report, I'm still thinking some of the instabilities seem like they can likely be attributed to minor issues with the library. I continue to pursue looking for library code gremlins.

      - Larry

    3. Hi Larry,
      The version did make a difference for me; 2.22.3 fixed a key NTP bug and added stability.

      For the lockup/weirdness issue, got a semi-plausible hypothesis on this... but testing the 3-day lockup takes a few days. It surrounds an int and ulong inconsistency on timeouts detection.

      Will keep you posted.
      And yes, an 1.0-compatible version is due in shortly.


  66. I need some help concerning the WebTime example. Apparently I'm using the same code and the source code is inconsistent with the actual WiFly Module (RN-134) that I am currently using. For example when I try to upload the program to wifly module 1.) the wifly continues to connect and disconnect perputally, and 2.) When the WiFly is disconnected, the code will say that its connected showing obvious contradiction. This prevents data transmission from the Arduino to WiFly and vice versa. Any recommendations you may have to rectify these circumstances?


    1. Hi D.W.
      I have seen rare intermittent cases similar to the one you described - WiFly apparently reporting through WiFlySerial that it is connected, happy etc. but the WiFly was not on the lan and had its red lights flashing in distress.

      More comments here: (tumblr was not giving joy, so trying blogspot).

  67. is it possible if i use wifly RN-VX with ur source code ? i try to use usb to serial prolific and max232 for serial communication with RN-VX,, but i try to enter command mode from teraterm then i cannot get CMD receive.. what can i do ??

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Hi,

    Any progress on the isConnected issue?

    Using the WEBTime example with a RN-XV module, my Arduino Uno is crashing on the line "while (! WiFly.isConnected() )".
    Actually it is the function itself that creates the issue see in WiFlySerial "isConnected()"
    but I couldn't find the reason.
    All the similar functions are working fine.
    Any idea why?


    The code is compiled with Arduino v1.0 and I had to adapt the include as follow:

    include Arduino.h
    include Time.h>
    include SoftwareSerial.h
    include Streaming.h
    include PString.h
    include WiFlySerial.h
    include MemoryFree.h

    1. Hi Robert,
      The game changes in Arduino1.0; getDeviceStatus() and isAssociated() replace the renamed IsConnected().
      Communication stability with 2.32 is troublesome at the moment, more on that shortly.
      See below about the new version and note the fair-warnings.

  71. I am using Arduino Duemilanova and Arduino Alpha0023 because I was facing WProgram.h error. Now I am facing another error has shown below:

    WebTime.cpp: In function 'void loop()':
    WebTime:331: error: no match for 'operator<<' in 'WiFly.WiFlySerial::uart << pHeader'
    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BuisnessPlan2011\ProductSpecsSelection\wiflyproject\arduino-0023\arduino-0023\libraries\Streaming/Streaming.h:73: note: candidates are: Print& operator<<(Print&, const _BASED&)
    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BuisnessPlan2011\ProductSpecsSelection\wiflyproject\arduino-0023\arduino-0023\libraries\Streaming/Streaming.h:91: note: Print& operator<<(Print&, const _FLOAT&)
    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\BuisnessPlan2011\ProductSpecsSelection\wiflyproject\arduino-0023\arduino-0023\libraries\Streaming/Streaming.h:102: note: Print& operator<<(Print&, _EndLineCode)

    Please Advise??

  72. I get to "Loop RAM:868" and the next line goes back to "Starting Web Time" again

    Please Advise??


  73. Arduino 1.0 version released

    For those who really like finding bugs in fresh code, an Arduino 1.0-compatible version has just been released.
    See, and for the source and more in-depth details and questions.
    Those new to Arduino-land and the WiFly might be advised to hold off for a 1.01 release.
    Till then, enjoy this fine blog and the great folks who run it.


    1. Hi Tom -

      So, I loaded up the new WiFly code, Arduino 1.0, and the adjunct required libraries from Arduiniana (i.e. PString3 and Streaming5). I then tried to run the WebTimeA1 example. Compiled without a hitch (great to see), but the program just loops .. Starting WebTime, Ram, pin assignments, repeat, repeat, etc. (Very similar behavior to what has been reported in the past for the earlier WebTime or GET/POST examples).

      Any quick thoughts re: what might be occurring here? Seems like it should be something pretty straightforward. Just thought I'd ask before sinking many more hours into trying to figure out what may be happening.

      Thanks much,

    2. Ok, I guess I was a bit premature on my comment/question. It looks like both examples (WebTime and WiFly_Test) do indeed work, but only after an initial startup burst of what appear to be resets (for some unknown reason). Guess maybe it would be good for me to wait for that 1.01 release after all.

      - Larry

    3. Hi Larry,
      Hmmm - not cheerful. Definitely something unhappy in there somewhere. The same code in Arduino022 and 2.23.2 was firm, but 1.0 and 2.32 is inconsistently inconsistent... sometimes great, sometimes not. The biggest impact was the 2.32 upgrade - will check the notes on saved settings. Any experiences - good or bad - are welcome.
      More details on the other blog in the next few days - this one deserves good answers instead of gory forensics.


    4. Ok Tom, thanks .. will keep you posted as to any observations or findings. Yea, I would agree that 022/2.23 was a bit more stable. (Interestingly, I could never get WebTime working with this configuration .. but did manage a pretty stable variation of GetPost). I'm currently using 1.0/2.23 (haven't upgraded the RN-131 yet) .. may try the firmware upgrade, but from your comments it seems like it might not make too much difference.

      Would certainly be interested in anything you might come up with that stabilizes things, and will also keep an eye on the other blog you mention.

      Thanks again,

    5. Hi Larry,

      1.01 beta is now on SourceForge. Stability added, a buffer-overflow removed. Let me know how it works for you.


    6. Very cool .. thanks Tom. A bit busy today, but I should have things loaded up and checked out either later in the day or by tomorrow. Will let you know how it works.

      Thanks again,

  74. Looks like it might be safe to go back into the water again...
    1.03 is available on SourceForge.

    Feedback welcome, here and over at the techie-details blog


  75. is it possible to configure RN XV Wifly using usb-to-serial to talk to the computer and configure via terminal? (not using arduino board)
    Mine's not working, the wifly keep sending weird data

    1. Yes - use a rs232 adapter, 8N1 settings, no flow control.

  76. Hi
    I have a problem with the RTC - If I update the time is 11 minutes behind? What is the RTC value from show t t? Any help ?

  77. In function 'boolean initSettings()':
    'Wifly' was not declared in this scope

    any help? I am kind of new to Arduino programming! any help would be really appreciated :)


    1. Change it to 'wifi', you are using a newer library that uses 'wifi.SendCommand' instead of 'Wifly.SendCommand'

    2. Still not working! it says:

      WebTimeA1.cpp: In function 'boolean initSettings()':
      WebTimeA1:268: error: no matching function for call to 'WiFlySerial::SendCommand(const char [16], const char [4])'
      C:\Users\\Documents\Arduino\libraries\WiFlySerial/WiFlySerial.h:245: note: candidates are: boolean WiFlySerial::SendCommand(char*, char*, char*, int, boolean, long unsigned int, boolean, boolean)

      what is the suggested prototype?!


    3. Hi Nasser,
      Looks like a version mismatch.

      Check the WiFlySerial.h for updated prototypes, and ensure that the versions of the libraries installed match those of the sketches being modified.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Tom, you are correct. Apparently the library was updated to include two version of the send command, one that uses SendCommand and one that uses SendCommandSimply when only two variables are used. SendCommandSimple is needed in the initSettings() function.

  78. That is the same error is now giving me :/ haven't figured it out yet.


  79. The syntax has changed, still haven't figured out how to use it to set the new settings...!

  80. Hello I'm having trouble going through this example. I receive a bunch of errors when I try to run this...I've spent quite a while debugging but I don't know what's going on now. Below are the errors. It seems to get stuck when trying to find passphrase and ssid. What is the difference between passphrase and ssid and how do you declare them in the code? I'm a bit of a noob at this but any help/insight is appreciated!

    wifly_test_send_time.cpp:34:24: error: MemoryFree.h: No such file or directory
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp:35:25: error: Credentials.h: No such file or directory
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp:44:2: error: invalid preprocessing directive #passphrase
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp:45:2: error: invalid preprocessing directive #ssid
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp: In function 'boolean Reconnect()':
    wifly_test_send_time:188: error: 'passphrase' was not declared in this scope
    wifly_test_send_time:189: error: 'ssid' was not declared in this scope
    wifly_test_send_time:193: error: 'ntp_server' was not declared in this scope
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp: In function 'int MakeReponseBody(char*, char*, int)':
    wifly_test_send_time:230: error: 'freeMemory' was not declared in this scope
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp: In function 'boolean initSettings()':
    wifly_test_send_time:268: error: 'WiFly' was not declared in this scope
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp: In function 'void setup()':
    wifly_test_send_time:283: error: 'freeMemory' was not declared in this scope
    wifly_test_send_time.cpp: In function 'void loop()':
    wifly_test_send_time:329: error: 'freeMemory' was not declared in this scope

  81. Sir, we hav tried this method and it was working fine till yesterday.....

    But when I tried this again the problem u discussed on step 10 poped up.... Theres no lines displaying ...So i hav checked adding print commands inside wifly.begin library.... And found that error comes when calling command mode of the wifly.....

    even I cant access commandterminal by typing $$$...

    Pls help me....

  82. hello!
    can i communicate with the rn 131 directly with the laptop? without using a server web?
    i want to do that in the idea of an SCADA system

  83. Hi all:

    I have an Arduino board, UNO & MEGA with wireless and wifly, thus I want to send some data by wifi using UDP packtes from the arduino like a server to a client (eg a PC or mobile), like a comunication between Server & Client.

    I checked the Wiflytest, UDPSample and Client&Server programs and all of them works but now, HOW CAN I MIX THEM??

    if anybody can tell me something about it? i will appreciate it

    Many thanks

    1. Hello all! I've been trying to follow the tutorial, but one part is stumping me, when it says to add initsettings as the first line of the function Reconnect I assume it means this:

      boolean initSettings(){
      WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan auth 0","AOK");
      //WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan key ","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan channel 0","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan join 4","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set dhcp 2","AOK");

      WiFly.SendCommand("set ip address","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set netmask","AOK");


      (I know that my brackets aren't even in this example, but in my code they certainly are even) but when I try this I get a compiling error that says I cannot use a function-definition before { actual error reads:

      WebTime.cpp: In function 'boolean Reconnect()':
      WebTime:161: error: a function-definition is not allowed here before '{' token

      I've also tried using the boolean initSettings before the reconnect command but I'm not certain if it's doing the trick because the code just infinitely loops and never goes to the "Ready for HTTP" line. Any and all help is much appreciated!

    2. No, you need to place that stuff outside of the Reconnect function. If you wanted to place it inside the Reconnect function you would just code in the following:

      WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan auth 0","AOK");
      //WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan key ","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan channel 0","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set wlan join 4","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set dhcp 2","AOK");

      WiFly.SendCommand("set ip address","AOK");
      WiFly.SendCommand("set netmask","AOK");


  84. how to update the firmware in "WiFly 2.21 RN-131C" in air? Does any body has experience in it?

  85. Can anyone explain me why is there no level shifter used between Arduino and Wifly TX,RX ?

  86. Hello,

    I am using a Wifly 2.21 RN-131C to collect data from an electric go-kart (battery level, speed, acceleration, GPS coordinates...) and i am supposed to send them through Wi-Fi link to a Gameduino monitor where they must be display. The Gameduino is also equipped of a WiFly, the WiFly on the go-kart being the server and the Gameduino being a client. Now i am able to connect the go-kart to a remote PC via Wi-Fi with the WiFly shield and to exchange data with the PC on TeraTerm but when i try to establish the connection with the other wiFly (the client on Gameduino), it is not working. I mean i am able to establish the connection, the Gameduino being connected to the network broadcast by the go-kart but i am not able to see the data collected from the kart on the serial monitor of the Arduino/WiFly/Gameduino as i was able to do with the TeraTerm connection. Can you please help me with this? I would truly appreciate.

  87. Hi!
    I'm totaly new with Arduino, and I ask for help.
    I would to controll my sprinkler system over internet. Did you have any example for this?
    I wold like to control 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
    Is it possyble?
    Thanks in advantage

  88. Hello guys,

    I am trying to make some settings to WiFly rn 131G, but whatever I do, settings are always default on reboot. I also cannot create files. PGIO 9 is not connected, not set to be used as reset defaults and it's state is 0 on "show io" command.

    Any ideas why the "save" does not work?

    Thanks in advance,

  89. Guys.. is there a way to make two arduino boards communicate using wifi?

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Hey guys, I have a question. I've read a few of your comments and I'm using the RN-XV WiFly Module, with the Arduino Wireless Proto shield on Arduino UNO with Arduino 1.0.1 & also tried 1.0. I am having 2 problems.
    1. I can only program manually on putty and not via the serial monitor
    2. I can't get the Wifly libraries to work.
    RN-XV 171
    Arduino Wireless proto shield

    1. Now my problem is setting up AD-HOC or Infrastructure through the Arduino serial monitor. Basically when I send commands from the Arduino serial monitor they don't work, however I can set up manually from putty or telnet.
    2. Also I cant get the Wifly libraries to work either.

    So for example when I send commands like from the serial monitor. I've checked on putty after uploading the program from Arudino and running on putty. This is what it looks like.
    Set wlan ssid ..

    In comparison to me setting up manually from putty.
    set wlan ssid myawesomenetwork

    Also the Wifly library examples such as auto connect aren't working either.
    Basically both the serial monitor and putty show

    'WiFly Shield Terminal Routine

    and then nothing happens.

    I have my final year project due in 2 weeks. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT

  92. Please, help me!
    I dont compile anu example, its to many errors!
    #include "WiFlySerial.h"
    #include "MemoryFree.h"
    #include "Credentials.h"

    Serial.println(F("Starting WiFly Tester." ) );
    Serial << F("Free memory:") << freeMemory() << endl;


    WiFly_Test.cpp: In function 'void setup()':
    WiFly_Test:32: error: no match for call to '(HardwareSerial) (__FlashStringHelper*)'
    WiFly_Test_:32: error: expected `;' before 'freeMemory'

  93. I uses teraterm to connect to the Wifly module. Does any experts know the reason why I cant get a HELLO response from the Wifly.

    Steps I have taken:
    1) Connect to Wifly-GSX-xx from my wireless connections (adhoc mode)
    2) Open teraterm and telnet with port 2000.

    Teraterm terminal opens but it waits foever.

    Any help?

    1. Hey!

      I have the same problem. but I get a *HELLO* and then I cant enter any commands in teraterm. Does somebody know what to do? And is it even posible to config the module, only using the ad hoc net, and connecting to that via teraterm?

      Hope somebody knows something!

      Thanks in advance
      /Lars (using the wifly in a potential gadget, so could really use some advice)

  94. i want to get rssi values of my access point from wifly , is this posible?
    how can transfer these values to the PC
    how can i send (instruction)data to wifly from pc.

    Any help?

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  97. In the datasheet of the WIFLY the SPI are denoted as an supportet interface! But if i try to connect it thru the SPI without any breakout board it doese not work. Can anybody explain why?

  98. deaaaaaaaaaaaaaar all,
    i am in a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep neeeeeeeeeeeeed of RN-XV module for urgent project. i ordered it from sparkfun and it will take 3 weeks to reach here in EGYPT . if any one have a module that i can buy from him till i received my ordered one

    Thanks A lot

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  104. I copied everything into the same folder and now i always get the error :
    DateTime.cpp: In member function 'void DateTimeClass::setTime(time_t)':
    DateTime.cpp:28: error: 'millis' was not declared in this scope
    DateTime.cpp: In member function 'time_t DateTimeClass::now()':
    DateTime.cpp:43: error: 'millis' was not declared in this scope

    Could anyone help me please?

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  108. Hello,

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  166. Hi guys, I have a TinySine Wifi shield, which I understand uses the WiFly-EZX. At least that is what shows up in my Linksys router ID as a DHCP client connected to the local network. I have it configured for my network and I can ping it and everything. But I dont know how to use it. Id like to find a tutorial to help me get talking to it. Im basically interested in posting data to a web server. I see this WebTime sketch mentioned here but im wondering about my shield since it basically plugs into every port in the UNO automatically, so I cant select pins. How should I handle this?

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